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Lorna Crozier
Ian McAllister


10:30 am Sunday August 14 Tickets

Lorna Crozier and Ian McAllister

It’s not everyone who can be poetic about a rake, or a vacuum cleaner, or a coffee pot. But Governor General’s Award-winning poet Lorna Crozier did just that in her book of meditative prose, The Book of Marvels: A Compendium of Everyday Things. She can also write sensitively and sensually about our precious environment and its inhabitants, and that is why award-winning wildlife photographer and environmental advocate Ian McAllister asked her to collaborate on a book. The result of their partnership is The Wild in You: Voices from the Forest and the Sea. The writer’s part and the photographer’s part are exquisite and each could easily stand alone: the sum of their parts is stunning.

CBC Books: “The Wild in You” Interview with Lorna Crozier and Ian McAllister (12:16 – 26:50):
Toque and Canoe Article, written by Lorna Crozier, about the trip to the Great Bear Rainforest that inspired this book:

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