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Lorna Crozier


1:00 pm Saturday August 13 Tickets


Boobs: Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts is a diverse collection of stories and poems that seeks to explore the role of breasts in the formation of identity and how breasts influence a person’s understanding of themselves and their relationships to others. From the agony of puberty and angst of adolescence to the anxiety of aging, these stories and poems go beyond the usual images of breasts found in fashion magazines and movie posters, instead offering dynamic and honest portraits of desire, acceptance and the desire for acceptance. This is a fascinating collection of stories, essays and poems in which some two dozen writers talk about breasts. Four of those writers will participate in an onstage discussion.

Lorna Crozier, whose poem Newsflash from the Fashion Magazines opens the anthology, will host the event.

Ruth Daniell is a contributor and also the editor of Boobs. She has an MFA in creative writing from UBC and her poems and stories have appeared in a wide range of literary journals.

Rebecca Hendry is a Sunshine Coast resident and author of the novel Grace River. She was one of the Festival’s first New Voices and her work has appeared in a variety of literary journals.

Janine Alyson Young is also a Sunshine Coast resident with an MFA from UBC. Her debut collection of short stories, Hideout Hotel, was a finalist for the Danuta Gleed Award.

Ruth Daniell Rebecca Hendry Janine Alyson Young
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